This project blog serves as a repository of the personal accounts of 4 Singaporeans and 2 Finnish exchange students.

The reason for logging all the personal accounts and thoughts is to help build a platform for discussion and to begin the process of cultural immersion into the food culture of Singapore and by inference, the culture of youths in Singapore.

As part of the objective of this project, we will be looking for our South African counterparts in the Vega school as well, to share their own eating habits and experiences. It is hoped that this discourse will become part of a continuous learning and communicative process which may serve as a surrogate to actual on location cultural immersion.


While having a focus on food and eating habits, the logs focus on cultural reflections and observations. The Finnish exchange students play a key role in highlighting the differences they are the only ones in the unique position as embedded observers. Their time in Singapore gives them an intimate understanding of the intricacies of Singaporean food and the unique eating habits.

As such we find that there truly is no replacement for a culture general approach to understanding cultures. This companion blog, together with the CMIO food magazine, serves to pique the interest of readers and guide their attention along a process of learning, reflection and finally observation.


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