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Finnish food culture


The the traditional food is very plain looking. I think that every child is Finland is taught to eat all the food that they have taken. This reflects the hard times endured by the people in the past. Although I find that these traditions are slowly changing.

l Plain looking food possibly linked to low context culture


I find that eating is less of a social event in Finland, when compared to for example Singapore. It still a social event but when compared to places such as Spain and France, dinner is much less of a social event.

l Linked to Individualistic culture


When looking at eating habits in terms of power distance. It is not uncommon to eat with your superiors and bosses. This reflects the low power distance.


Most of the time the Finns eat at home, traditionally eating out is considered to be something special and is done when celebrating something. However, in urban Finland this is no longer the case, people eat out much more than in the past, but nowhere near as much as in Singapore. In rural Finland, I believe that the tradition still exists. One reason for the lack of eating out is the cost, when compared to Singapore, eating out in Finland is expensive, there are no cheap places like the hawker centers, cheapest food is fast food. Eating at restaurant will cost you min, of S$ 30.



Finnish view of Singaporean food


The first thing that struck me about Singaporean food was the numerous food courts, as those are not present in Finland. The great choice of food was something new.


Eating out is also much more common in Singapore than in Finland, lot more choices especially less expensive ones. Since eating out is more common, eating becomes more of a social event where you eat with your friends.


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