Tuesday is the benz day

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Breakfast was late.
It was eaten because gastric juices were burning a hole in my stomache.

I ate a simple fare, egg mayo sandwiches and a healthy serving of coffee.

Black coffee, what would probably referred to as an Americano. However it is something that I’ve grown up as regarding to be very Asian. Kopi-O is what we call it.

So why does Starbucks call it Americano? Is calling a long black, Kopi-O too exotic and uncouth for an American franchise? Perhaps a hint of orientalism here.

Lunch (with my Dad) was Malay rice from this pretty decent place in Bukit Timah.

Well the observations were that in Singapore we pretty much eat cross culturally everyday. It’s more a Singaporean thing than it is an ethnic thing. So it hardly bothers us that we’re eating simple fare in District 10.

The irony of it being, food seems to taste better in the red light districts. Geylang, Joo Chiat, Changi (the horror). Why the correlation? Or are cheap rents simply an attraction to good food and the flesh trade as well?

Oh this has to be glorious. I’m eating ting-kat.

It’s a sort of meal delivery service. It’s commonly delivered (for reasons unknown to me still) in stacked metal tins. (hence the term ting-kat, which is some chinese dialect for metal tin)

the food is decent and is always Asian fare. and what i find more interesting than the food is how the companies handle the logistical nightmare of about 100-200 house holds. each one with a different permutation of orders.

which brings me to an intersting catagorization of Asian fare.

  1. staple (rice or noodles)
  2. vegetables
  3. meat
  4. soup
  5. finger food/snacks/additional dish (which more often than not turns out to be eggs)
  6. fruits/desert

no starters, no entree, no appetizers.

Asian meals seem more focussed on feeding and nourishing.


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