Food linked to Singapore culture.

September 26, 2007 at 8:31 pm 1 comment

I personally tried Masala Thosai, an Indian dish for the first time on Saturday. It was served with a packet of curry, and inside the Thosai was filled with lots of potatoes, onion and spicy fillings.

I personally do not like the taste of Thosai but it was definitely worth the try on other food from the different cultures. I guess most of us are often used to eating food from our own ethnic group that more often than not, we are not used to eating food from the other cultures. We often do not attempt to understand their traditional food.

One of the aspects in Chinese culture that influences the way we eat will be our upbringing. Often, chinese families love to cook and they often follow traditions. Children who live in Chinese families often are being exposed to Chinese traditional food and thus, we stick to food from our own culture.

I believe that social status also plays a part in choosing the place to eat. Often, we would want to seek for somewhere comfortable, a nice ambience to dine, and food that is within affordable prices. Students like us love to go to coffee places just to chill out and catch up with friends. If we’re dining out with adults, we would normally choose somewhere more formal, depending on the occasion.

I guess based on us liking to dine with a group of friends, we can link it to Hofstede’s value dimension on collectivism. By dining in groups, we can build greater group solidarity and increase interaction between friends.

To me, it is important to understand different cultures so as to aid in intercultural communication, be it on food, language or any other aspect, mutual understanding is the key to a harmonious society.


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  • 1. Joha  |  October 22, 2007 at 12:55 pm

    I must say about the favoring of food from one’s own culture, that my expperience was completely the opposite. As I came to Southeast Asia, I had the chance to try all these new and exciting foods that I had never tried before. Every day I would try something new, and the less familiar the food was, the better. In fact I spent my first month without eating a single meal of western food. I think this is because in Finland the food culture is much less diverse and there simply is no chances to try so many new foods in one place.I often eat meals in which and realise that for most of the things on the plate, I have no idea what they are (this is the case especially in chinese food). Even after months of living in Singapore, I have no particular craving to eat the types of foods that I grew up with. Instead I get a thrill from finding a new tasty and exotic food. Therefore I would say that the preference of the foods of your own culture when having a great variety of food cultures available, depends very much on the person. One could also think that growing up being exposed to many options all the time might even add to the amount of uncertainty avoidance as opposed to someone who is used to less options and then put into an environment full of options.


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