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Combined post for the past 2 days.. =P

Day1= Monday 24/9

What: 1 packet of dry instant noodles (Myojo Ramen Mee)

When: 10am

Where :Home

Who: Sister

Why: I woke up late and didn’t get to go for breakfast with my parents at the coffeeshop near our house. This was the fast and easy solution to a rumbling tummy!!

How: Open the packet, boil water, put the noodles into the water, cook till soft,pour into strainer to drain off excess water..mix with powder and condiments provided.

None~~(skipped it actually I forgot about taking my lunch until I was hungry again at I decided to wait till dinner to get food)

What: Yoshinoya Teriyaki chicken+salmon with rice combo

When: 6.30pm

Where: Tampines Mall Yoshinoya( Japanese fast food)

Who: Rina & Jiemin

Why: We were hungry(especially me!!) and wanted to get something that served fast but yet was less oily like McD’s and KFC. The meal had rice in it, so we thought that it would be more filling than burgers.

How: The Teriyaki chicken was probably pan-fried and later a sauce was poured over it. They used Japanese steamed rice and boiled vegetables. The salmon was a fried fillet/nugget thingy which was topped with mayonaise sauce.

Day2= Tuesday 25/9


What: Wan ton mee

When: 9am

Where: Coffeeshop near my house(5 mins drive)

Who: Parents

Why: I did not want to have something heavy such as Chicken rice early in the morning so I thought I should get a noodle.

How: You can choose what kind of noodle you want and they have a variety. You can also choose to have it with chilli or not, most Singaporeans just love their food with lots of chilli. The hawker didn’t ask if I wanted chilli in my noodle but included it anyway.(I find this happens almost all the time as long as you don’t ask specifically of them not to add chilli)

What: Honey Milk Bubble Tea( not really my lunch but it was what I had for the mid-day period)

When: 2pm

Where: Bugis Junction Rockery

Who: CJ

Why: A refreshing drink that cools you from the hot weather(so hot today!) and the pearls can give you an energy boost(I heard that 1 cup of pearls is equivalent to the carbs you take in to 1 bowl of rice!)

How: A variety of flavours are mixed with teas(green,red,milk) and ice blended ones as well. The pearls are actually balls of tapioca starch boiled in sugar water. You can choose to add nata de coco or jelly in place of the pearls.


What: Fried Carrot Cake( black) with Chilli

When: 6pm

Where: Bedok Corner Food Centre(near Bedok Camp)

Who: CJ

Why: I had actually planned to have the Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee that’s famous in the hawker centre but it was closed so I decided to have this. I like the black Carrot Cake because I like the black sweet sauce that they use to fry it with. Some people prefer the white one which fried without the black sweet sauce. Again, the hawker added chilli in my carrot cake because I didn’t ask her not to.

How: You can choose from the Black or the White one with chilli and without chilli. =)

So do you all like Black or White?


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Jesus Walks (Monday the 25th) Tuesday.

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