Jesus Walks (Monday the 25th)

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Can you think of Monday morning?

It is with great precision that my first meal is delivered – Leftovers in a microwave.

In hindsight it is probably the quietest of revolutions we attend to everyday. Chinese food culture has a long history of trying to preserve food. Sure we missed the great leap forward (no pun intended) in not inventing the refrigerator but surely one must contemplate how creative ancient Chinese were.

There is probably an entire sub-culture in the art of preparing tasty preserved food. They are frequently dried, salted and at times even pickled in order to preserve food even in the absence of any proper storage. That said, my breakfast had nothing to do with preserved produce.

It actually was cooked food that was refrigerated and re-heated in a microwave. Which isn’t uncommon in Chinese culture once again – Asians have a habit of “recycling” food by either re-cooking a rather random combination of leftovers, or simply sufficiently frying the materials till the “germs are killed” as our mom’s would have us believe.

The irony? The breakfast gave me a bad tummy.


Lunch was taken over a work meeting in school with Kayvern, buddy of mine, and I had simply chosen to go the canteen because it had a power point, air-condition and food nearby. Was that Singaporean pragmatism exemplified? Food for thought (Pun intended).

I had Lerk Thai – Consider again the quirks that we as Singaporeans are so used to – Thai food, prepared by who is most probably a Malaysian Chinese, I’m eating with a Singaporean Chinese friend in front of an American franchise, Burger King. And we hardly bat an eyelid.

Why did I eat there? More than whim and fancy, I just wanted to try something new. Another quirk I realize most locals ignore – we try new food for fun. It’s almost like entertainment for us, so much so that we hardly hear of locals who eat the same food everyday. Weekly? Monthly? Perhaps.

Are Singaporeans non-ritualistic eaters? If we have a ritual, do we have a longer span of time before we consume the same food again?

Burger King.

I then had Burger King because I was used to it and it hardly required any thinking on my part. And also because I was still married to my now rather taken for granted power point.

Singaporeanism – Chapter II, is the ability to stay connected more important to Singaporeans than the food itself? Would F&B outlets benefit from allowing laptop users free power and internet access? In a country and culture where work is almost 24/7, is the work-food dollar the most lucrative of all?


Dinner ended with a whimper;
a mooncake which bordered on supper.
The clock struck 12 and I went to hell.
(no wait, that’s another poem)


I ate when I was hungry, and ate with company when I could.
I ate to my whim and fancy, and I ate whatever I could.


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Tuesday[250907]..What, when, where, who, why, how did you eat today?

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